Institute of Molecular Biochemistry

The Institute of Molecular Biochemistry (IMB) is part of the Biocenter of the Medical University of Innsbruck. Our research groups aim to provide better understanding for the molecular mechanisms that build and maintain cellular membranes, and to characterize how these processes integrate with cellular metabolism. Defects in these membrane quality control processes cause cellular damage that leads to human diseases. To dissect membrane quality control on the molecular level, we use a range of genetic model systems, biochemical, cell biological and structural approaches.

We provide an international and dynamic research environment for curiosity driven Master students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, with access to modern core facilities. Our PhD students enroll in the international MCBD (Molecular and Cellular Biology of Disease) PhD programme, and we coordinate the FWF funded CBD Cellular Basis of Diseases (DOC82) doc.funds programme. In addition, we are partners in two FWF funded research groups on ‘Organelle proteostasis in cellular quiescence and growth’ (FG20) and ‘Damage & repair of membrane lipids in health and diseases’ (FG15).

It is our mission to understand how cells maintain a proper membrane protein and lipid composition, which is essential for human health – if you are interested in joining our team, please contact us!


Institute of Molecular Biochemistry
Medical University Innsbruck
Innrain 80/82,6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Phone: +43900370191