At the Institute of Molecular Biochemistry, we are teaching in Human Medicine ( and in Molecular Medicine at the Bachelor ( and Master level ( at the Medical University of Innsbruck. Furthermore, we are associated with the Master Programme in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology (University of Innsbruck).

In addition, we provide an exciting research environment to train and mentor PhD students and PostDocs. Our PhD students enroll in the Molecular Cell Biology of Diseases Programme ( and we coordinate the doc.funds PhD Programme Cellular Basis of Diseases (

We are involved in the following curricular courses: 

Module 1.06: Building blocks of life II: Biochemistry

Module 1.06: Building blocks of life II: Life Sciences 1

Module 2.36: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics

Module 2.51: Building blocks of life III: Cell biology

Module 2.51: Buildingblocks of life III: Life Sciences 2

Module MM 1.1: Basic Laboratory Techniques and Safety

Module MM 1.3: General and Anorganic Chemistry

Module MM 1.3: English terms and definitions I

Module MM 2.2: Methods in Molecular Biology II

Module MM 2.2: Cell Biology II

Module MM 3.3: Molecular Medicine I

Module MM 3.3: Structural Biology

Module MM 4.1: Practical Course Cell Biology

Module MM 5.2: Molecular Medicine II

Module MM 6.2: Cell Biology III

Module MM 6.2: Lab Course Molecular Medicine

WM4 Molecular Cell Biology

WM9 Protein purification & proteomics

PM2 Oncoscience: Theoretical Lecture

Seminars in Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology

Joint Group Seminars in Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology

Structure and function of proteins

Experimental Biomolecular Structure Determination – an Introduction (KF)